There have been a lot of things lately that I am not thankful for.  Last year just about destroyed me…  This year started off with my son accidentally breaking my nose…  Then my husband and I got this horrible chest cold that lasted about 3 weeks…  then as I finally started to get over that, I got another virus affecting my throat, head and chest again…  and as I sit here typing, I am trying to keep my nose from bleeding (sorry for the visual)…  and the ranting…  but now on to the good stuff!

What am I thankful for?  My family, my friends, my life.  If you don’t actually know me in person and know the amazing people surrounding me in my life, let me share…  If I called out each person individually, this post would be way too long to read…  suffice it to say that my extended family is awesome… I am an only child, so I grew up surrounded by my cousins and my mother’s cousins – we were together at least once a week at Sunday dinners.  I miss that.  It’s really amazing to look back and see how those dinners, even when we fought having to go to them, formed our relationships and made us closer.  I regret that since I don’t live near everyone anymore – my son will really miss out on something special!

My mother, who raised me most of my life as a single mother is indescribable…  but I will try.  She always put my wants and needs above her own.  I didn’t realize that or appreciate it until I was older and could see what she had sacrificed and done.  My senior year in High School, she moved me to another state so she could go to Veterinary School.  Boy did I rebel.  I tried everything I could think of to stay where I was, but this time, she didn’t let me.  In retrospect I am glad…  I made some amazing friends at the new school that I still keep in touch with today…  and I can’t gush enough or put into words how very PROUD I am of her for going back to college (she dropped her Freshman year because I came along) – and then she became a doctor.. a good one!  I think I can sum up my mother in the phrase she told me my whole life (and still does every time I do something stupid) – She would listen to me talk and then she would say, “You made your bed…  you can change the sheets”  of course, she was always right…

If you read my random list of thoughts (at the top of my blog) – those got written because of a Facebook list going around “25 random thoughts” or something like that … anyway, a few of them refer to my husband.  Can I just say (again) that I am SO glad that I waited until I found the right man before I got married?!  That doesn’t mean that every single minute of our marriage has been perfection…  there are ups and downs like everything in life.  But when I need or want him, I have him.  We definitely have a lot of opposite characteristics which I think balances out rather nicely…  and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My son makes me smile every day.  Every. Single. Day.  Multiple times a day at that.  Of course he has his moments that make me not smile.  What kid doesn’t!  But sometimes I just sit and stare at him and I smile.  The other day we were driving in the car and taking a friend of his back home and the friend said, “you made the right turn, you know where you’re going” and my son said, “my Mommy and Daddy know everything.  They are adults.  I know a lot of things, but not everything because I am a kid”  How precious is that!!  🙂  Of course wait until he figures out that just because someone is an ‘adult’ doesn’t mean they know everything!  But it was so nice to know that he thinks that of us now!  I did ask him if I could put that in writing – but since he is only 4 – I don’t think he got what I meant.

Friends – Oh my, I have some good ones.  I’m not going to put their names in here – don’t know how they would feel about that…  but I have good friends that I keep up with on a regular basis, that date back to 5th grade!  Others I made throughout my life and am still making!  I have made a few really good friends just since I’ve moved down to Florida.  I wish that I lived closer to them all – of course they don’t all live in the same place – but I see them when I can and am grateful for unlimited texting!  There really is no better description of a true friend than “someone who knows all about you, but loves you anyway”…

And hopefully next week, I will be able to start to say that I am thankful for my health! 🙂

What are you thankful for? If you are grateful for someone in your life – you should tell them! Every single time you think it, SAY IT.  I think sometimes, people get so wrapped in up in the day-to-day crap, that they take the good stuff for granted…  and sometimes, the good stuff will go away if it is not nurtured!  You know?I don’t know a person out there who hasn’t at some point in their life felt like those around them take them for granted.  In most cases, it is not that they aren’t appreciated, but that the other person is getting their stuff done and probably feels the same way!

I started putting little notes in my husband’s and son’s lunch boxes…  It’s not much and takes so little time – but I hope it conveys that I love and appreciate them.

Memorial Day

On twitter today I sent out an ‘ethereal shout out’ to the men and women who died giving us our freedom. Thank you! There aren’t words enough to express.
This morning at my friend’s house, we talked about going to lunch and she asked her hubby to choose where we go for lunch in honor of his service in the Marine Corps…

He said that today was not Veterans Day – it was Memorial Day and since he was alive, today wasn’t for him.

So we went to lunch and drank a toast to his friend that did die in Iraq – he wears a memorial bracelet for him. To me, that completely sums up what today is all about

In my home, we have dedicated a whole room to ‘patriotism’… I call it the red, white and blue room – cheesy I know, but we have the colors in there and they look nice, deep colors. The room is filled with the flag from my husband’s uncle’s funeral, his pictures and medals, pictures of his grandfathers in their uniforms, and my grandfather in his… also a few other meaningful memorabilia. I love this room and what it means to both my husband and me!

I hope that everyone today at least once thought about the men and women who died to give them the freedoms that they enjoy and just didn’t write today off as a free day off from work!