Trouble already?

Ok – so after only the second day of school for my just turned 4 year old, the teacher ‘needed’ to talk to me.  UH OH.  She informed me that they had a problem with his behavior yesterday.  He told the teachers “NO!”  My question?  What did you ask him to do?  Reasonable right?  ok, maybe – maybe not.

I let her know that we talked to him about that last night and I also reminded him this morning that he had to be good and listen to his teachers.

All I can say is that I hope these are good teachers who are telling him the right things!  This school encourages (actually REQUIRES) volunteer work – I may just have to volunteer to sit in the classroom and watch them for a couple of days! 🙂  But alas, that would probably make my darling son REALLY not pay attention to them… and since I no longer have the ability to watch him on a webcam, I have to have faith!!  Oh man is that hard!! 🙂