How many of you watched the House episode last week?  Well, I did.  Sat there and watched it with my hubby.

So a quick recap for those who don’t watch it…  A blogger, a really popular one I guess, got sick and blogged the whole thing..  You know, when House and his team always almost kill them the 3 given times in the episode…  I love the show, don’t get me wrong!  So the blogger’s husband is irritated with her for the amount of time she spends blogging and all of the personal stuff she blogs about her husband, their lives, herself…

So my hubby says, I could never be married to her.  She just publicizes all this private stuff…  UH OH.  So I say “so, ummm…  you don’t read my blog?”  and then the TV goes on pause…

We banter back and forth about the personal stuff I put on here…  I tell him that I don’t mention his name or our son’s…  but he is not happy.

At all.

So I agree to not post a lot of private stuff about them on here anymore…

But then I start thinking…

I don’t really post that much about them anyway.   So I pause the DVR again and let him know that I don’t get into specifics, and that I don’t talk about anything on here that I wouldn’t want his mother reaading…  I think she checks in every so often (Am I right?)

That seems to appease him some what…

But I can tell he’s not sold!

So thanks writers of House – I may have to shift my blog a little…

But then again…  that isn’t my way. 🙂


Had such a great time with family here and I am now enjoying sitting around doing practically nothing!

Yesterday I organized my office a little better and then made some jewelry…  went to bed about 4 am this morning…  so being woken up at 8:30 was GREAT!! LOL

Now I am siting here relaxing and watching Farscape Season 1.  I really like this show.  I watched it a few times on and off over the seasons – but never got the schedule right, so watching them in order now is GREAT!  I am not sure which of the shows from which seasons I have seen, but now I can put all the stories together.  They did a good job so far in the first season in delving into the characters past – giving us a lot of information without giving all of it – more mysteries to be revealed! 🙂  I knew I liked this show by what I had already seen and now I know why!

I can’t wait until they show Flashpoint in here in the U.S. – why they are just showing it in Canada first – I just don’t get it – but then again TV execs have had me flabbergasted lately.  I hear Flash Forward is good – but I decided not to watch it because I figured it would get canceled.  But it hasn’t yet… and of course I started to watch Trauma – only to have it canceled…  after canceling Southland, I thought NBC would get a little wiser… Trauma was good, I liked it, so of course they canceled it!  At least Southland got to jump over to TNT!  Woo Hoo – there was some good news! 🙂  Ok – I will get off my soap box about that…  well…. at least for the moment…

Back to relaxation! 🙂  (and Farscape!)

Sunny Florida

Lounging by the pool

Lounging by the pool

Had a good day in ole Sunny Florida today!  I spent a lot of time out in/by the pool.  I read, floated, played with my son, and just chilled.  Warm sun, nice breeze, crickets and the sound of the wind flowing through the trees.  Very serene!

Yesterday, Hubby and son went to the beach and had a great time! Unfortunately, Hubby had a little trouble applying the sunscreen to my son!  It doesn’t seem to be hurting him though, so all I have done is rub a little Aloe Vera on there!

Bad Sunscreem

Bad Sunscreen from the side

Looks like a mask for a super hero

Looks like a mask for a super hero

Watched True Blood tonight…  I am getting more and more excited to see the next episodes this season!  Right when one is over, I start counting down until the next one.  We ought to have a party for the finale!  We’ll see! 🙂

So looking forward to shows starting up again this fall!  Southland starts back to work tomorrow! woo hoo!  I really like this show… I like ensemble casts – gives many different characters and points of view! Wells always seems to do that… worked for ER!  I just hope that NBC doesn’t drop the ball and ruin this show!  I am still very upset that Life got canceled!

You know, here is one diatribe that I have.  I have watched MANY shows over the years.  They have good ideas, solid casts and then someone (don’t know who producers, studio, writers, ??) I don’t know these things – but someone ruins it. Here are some examples:

Profiler:  Awesome idea…  kind of like criminal minds…  they had a great cast – and while Jack started off being necessary to explain why Ally was skiddish and had quit…  They didn’t need to continue that BS through the whole series… They could have made awesome episodes on each episodes merits and gone into the characters here and there…

Pretender – if they would have kept showing more of the ‘pretending’ and not so much of the BS of them ‘catching him’ – it would have been better, and lasted longer!!

I will write more when they pop into my head – as they often do!! 🙂

Night all…

Jurassic Park

So the first time that my(3 year old) son watched Jurassic Park – when the scene came on where the one guy got eaten in the bathroom he said “Why did that dinosaur eat the guy in the bathroom?”  – we explain that the dinosaur was bad… so the next time that it came on TV – My son got all upset about the dinosaur – screaming at the TV that the guy in the bathroom was going to get eaten and hiding… it was then that we decided that he was too young to watch the show yet!!  🙂 LOL

new cable box


Ok – so I was going to be more positive starting today – and I think I did ok until this afternoon!!

Just to be clear – I used to have Verizon FIOS – but then I moved to a new neighborhood and they weren’t out here yet – so unless I wanted to get satellite (and yes I do like DirectTV – but didn’t want to buy the equipment)  Verizon promises to be out here @ the end of July… PLEASE LET THAT HAPPEN!!

So – our main HD DVR blitzed out – had to reboot the dang thing at least once a day (that is a whole other rant)

The cable guys showed up – can you believe – 2 guys – 2 different trucks just to exchange a box… really?

So as they were walking up – early (do have to give them that) – my electricity went out – well what great timing… so they exchange the 2 boxes – and the electricity comes back on..  so I ask “can you transfer the taped shows from one DVR to the other?”  They  looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head (come on – you can barely see them 😉 )  Then they said “NO, you can’t do that”.  I said, “one hard drive to another – you even have a menu item to copy to vcr”.  I got the blank stare again.  SO I just said “dang – should have copied to disc before you got here” – then I got the eyeroll that meant “Silly girl, you couldn’t do that”

So now – am pissed at myself for not doing that before they came. I had the new Season of Burn Notice on there – just finished watching Season 1 – and Season 2 doesn’t come out until tomorrow – so wasn’t going to watch Season 3 yet! now gonna have to wait for re-runs or watch online.. oh well…  Still…


sex and the city

I am sitting here watching Sex in the City – on demand… I really loved\love this show!

These episodes are the 1st season ones!  Hilarious..  I’ve sat here and watched the one about the threesomes, the commitment, the rabbit – oh the rabbit – awesome invention – I must say…  and the one about the wild friend who moved to CT and had gotten pregnant… funny..  Then we moved to the one about abstinence..  hilarious!  What’s with abstinence! – I am not really really a fan of abstinence! for me anyway –!

Now watching the season 1 finale…  this show just really cracks me up! Though – the end – she should have gone on the vacation!  Maybe if she hadn’t pushed so hard for an answer right then, then they wouldn’t have had all the problems they had – yeah yeah yeah – I know – THEN we wouldn’t have had all the seasons – the drama – the finale and then the movie! – I get it…  still…

I had a really good story in my head to write on here – now I need to remember it and make it my next post! 🙂

until then….

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Ok – so hubby was watching some cooking show about a girl who was a vegetarian and wouldn’t cook meat for her boyfriend..  there was even a shot of making BBQ tofu – WTF!!! Just because you date someone that is a vegetarian – you have to become one too?? That is ridiculous – I would never expect someone to change to be with me (because people rarely change anyway…) but ESPECIALLY not to stop eating something that they loved!!!