This weekend, I tried to explain to a friend why I was on twitter… and she didn’t buy it… didn’t understand why it would be cool to know that Joe was ‘going to the store’ – I kind of agree with that one… but I think it is cool and so very addicting!

But a real question that I would love to have answered – and I don’t know really how to have it answered is… are these celebrities that I am ‘following’ – are they really the people they say they are? The only reason I would want to know – is it would be nice if you could see if these celebrities actually have a personality – and what it is… I think this is a cool way for them to connect with their fans without having to be approached in person… I cannot imagine being a celebrity and having every move I make reported… can’t go out to eat, go to the grocery store – whatever – without someone taking a picture or whatever… I am one of those people who think that when a celebrity does a public event – they are on – it is their ‘job’. Making an appearance and doing interviews or greeting fans or whatever…. but when they are having a private dinner, shopping, driving down the road, at their own house – whatever…. then that is their time and they should be left alone….

I have made some replies to some of the people I am following, but haven’t gotten a response back!… I am sure that my tweets get lost in the plethora of responses that they get – and since I have no idea who these people really are it is fine with me – I love that we can put ideas out there – debate, hear ideas and get posts to interesting and fun things too!

I also have these announcements that someone is now following me – I wonder how you determine that you are going to follow just a normal person that you don’t know? The only reason that I have selected certain celebrities to follow is because I like their work and would love to see what kinds of things they say/do and if they are fun, interesting or boring! 🙂

Anyway – never got my friend to understand or accept twitter – I am hoping that maybe as I learn more about it and get more into it – I could be a better spokesperson and have her see the light! Who knows!! I have to learn a lot more though!!

Though I do have to say that if Twitter does agree to do the reality show where people stalk celebrities – I will quit using it – that is just wrong! If you are going to have a show that extols the fun and immediate nature of Twitter – then make it where the person being followed – or stalked or whatever they want to call it – agrees with it… I cannot even imagine how horrible it would be to be stalked by strangers – I mean don’t celebrities get enough of that already???