My Writing

To read the stories, click on the link from this page… (Or on the title in the left side of the blog) 🙂   easier than putting them all on one page!

Most of these stories are in moderately edited format – they are works in progress and I’m just trying to get them out! 🙂  ENJOY!

Short Story From College  FYI – This story came from a real event that happened to my mother and one of her good friends in college – I changed a few of the personal details, like I am an only child – not my mother, but actual events and people involved follow what happened.  Since I still know these people (and the kids really were the first I ever really liked -lol) I get chills and teary every time I read this…  Enjoy–

Second Short Story from college.  I really wish I could remember what sparked this story…

Third short story from college…  Interesting and needs some stuff filled in…  but readable!  🙂

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